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more taxes. good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm cortney hall in for erin. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. hi, demetrius. it's still cold. anything different? >> we have one day with a four in front of it. >> we do like that. >> let's check it out. yesterday we were 19 degrees. each day we should make the lower forties with lows in the mid-20s. this has been an epic winter in terms of how cold. and it's not over. north side learning center we are at 13. union reading at only eight. no wind chill. the wind chill is down to two. radar shows light snow across the board of northern region as remove in you can see that snow up to waukegan. as to get tort winnebago county we have snow continued. most of that snow is north of 90. today 23 degrees by 5:00 p.m.. it's an improvement. wednesday we make 27 another accumulating snow coming tonight. i will tell you how much coming up. >> one hot spot this morning and outbound kennedy at foster. to left lanes are blocked with a crash. expected delays on the outbound side of the kennedy. otherwise the rest of the roads are look
for so long, many in chicago are tired of the term poler bore tax. but the wind chill and the bitter cold is back leading to car trouble for motorists. that was the case for a driver in naperville overnight. more winter punishment is not welcome. >> i'm tired. >> the cold firefighters responding to a call on the northwest side, crews were slightly delayed due to a frozen hydrant along the 2800 block of west billington. they were able to quickly extinguished the flames in the attic of a home. three residents and two dogs made it out. for all residents the challenge of staying warm is going to be even tougher financially. citizens utility board group warns of a significant price jump next month for customers. the cost is shooting up from 51¢-68. >> 17¢ jump in natural gas prices would be significant. >> estimating it would at $30 to the monthly bill of an average customer. the higher than usual residential demand has the company's urging its larger industrial customers to curtail natural gas uses as a precaution. peoples gas also warns of higher than average bills next month for its custo
for state employees. suggest the city should consider new or higher taxes instead. >> a private funeral service was held for harold ramos. >> from complications. his family says a public memorial will be held in chicago probably in may. mental health advocates are holding a town hall meeting tonight to talk about shrinking services in chicago. the city will be dropping hundreds of paying clients. they fail to join a provider network. advocates will call on the city health department to take immediate steps. advocates argue that failure to do so will star of the mental health clinics by cutting off all revenue and setting the stage for closing. chicago >> public school students will begin their school year after labor day. they changed the master calendar yesterday approving a start date of september 2nd. officials said they pushed back the start of the school year after getting feedback from parents and teachers union. the district reinstated president stay as a holiday.presidents' da holiday >> that may ear is in washington for the second time this week as president obama announces a n
is proposing half the funds come from an overhaul of corporate taxes. the city is unveiling a new fleet of buses. drivers are more word about pot holes. >> it is only proper that the mere addresses the issues. this is what one of them will look like. they have ordered 300 of these new 40 ft buses that will be hitting the streets in may. an option to buy as many as 150 more. brighter lights bigger windows. a local manufacturing company won the contract. >> it will be fixed by the time these new buses with the street. he also added a crew to fix about 8500 potholes' the day. he says he has ordered his staff to come up with a robust new paving plan that crews will be putting in place. >> i asked them about it 5-6 times a day. to get this plan developed so we can get out and actually paved the roads. because of the pot holes it is really going to test the new shock absorbers. >>buses carry about 60 percent of ridership. by adding these new buses it helps to have what is close to a brand- new fleet as possible. >> the major bank being investigated for mortgage fraud. general motors expands i
of screening recruits. president obama has unveiled a new four trillion dollar budget. >> president says tax changes would benefit working poor had students and those saving for retirement. >> it is even less likely now sense is a midterm election year. >> have there still time. pain at the pump. gas prices continue to rise. we're making a mardi gras favre.klienlvin den a risky trading back on after >> the s&p up more than 26. everyone has been anticipating the first signs of spring. the slow but steady climb of gas prices is one of the first indicators. gas prices started off the year low. prices are rising as many refineries begin seasonal maintenance. when the in the drivers are currently paying an average $3.65 for a gallon of regular unleaded gas. radio shack plans on closing nearly 1100 stores around the country. the retailer said foresails low consumer traffic and heavy discounts are prompting it to close the underperforming stores. the company recently tried to reposition itself as a retailer and products for mobile and smart phone users. smart phones may be required to be safer. the
's what the candidates envision, if they become governor. >> more jobs at lower taxes better schools term limits on politicians. that's where i will lead. >> nobody has the bipartisan working ability that i have in the race for governor as well as just a proven track record of doing that. >> bring the legislator together and use the strength to fit what in the interest of the people. >> as your governor, i will not sign any revenue into law without it being part of a complete package dealing with cuts, the idea of borrowing, consolidation of state agencies. >>all the candidates will debate again here, on w-g-n on wednesday at six p-m. the primary is march 18-th. so-called "revenge porn" is closer to being *illegal in illinois. no senators rejected a proposed ban yesterday. the bill would make it illegal to post nude, or sexually explicit, pictures of another person, without that person's permission. it would also make it illegal to charge a fee to get pictures removed from a website. offenders could get up to three years in prison and a fine. supporters say this targets "cyber bullying,"
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6